Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Welcome to our new blog!

          We're excited to be growing and going through some big changes. We've recently launched our new website (which you can view here). It's really fun when you have a dream and you finally make that dream come true. This blog has been something that we've wanted to do for quite some time- so here we are! We thought we would use this blog to keep you informed of what we're doing and what we're excited about, and also just to share with you ideas and tips for staying fit and healthy.
          Here at the Green Lake Healing Center, we are the home to the practice of Paul and Lisa Olko. You can read more about us in our bios. We serve the community through several natural healing modalities. Paul's work focuses around Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Natural Healthcare Consultations, and Tui Na (traditional Oriental body work). Lisa's work focuses on FirstLine Therapy (a therapeutic lifestyle program, designed to address the underlying cause of many common health problems, and therefore improve health). She works with people who are wanting to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy body through healthy eating and lifestyle, and stress management.
          We have an herbal pharmacy stocked with over 850 herbs in all forms. We service our own patients with customized herbal formulas as well as other practitioners in the area. We have a lot of products (such as linaments, salves, and therapeutic herb formulas) that we make ourselves from scratch from high quality, mostly organic ingredients. We ship daily and we're open 9 am to 5 pm Monday - Friday.
          We're having fun keeping very busy. Just this week, Katalin, one of our herbal assistants, mixed up a fresh batch of Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup Mix, which the next blog post is going to feature.

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