Lisa Olko's Bio

In 1974 Lisa started practicing yoga. It was through yoga that Lisa first became introduced to natural foods, herbal medicine, and other forms of natural health care. Over the next few years she became an avid student of these fields. in 1978, Lisa trained and became certified as a yoga instructor teaching at Jack LaLanne Fitness center, senior centers, the YWCA, and at various yoga centers. She has taught yoga to pregnant mothers, their children and to people of all ages.

Lisa spent two years working as an assistant manager of a natural food store, The Third Day, in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  
In 1980, Lisa moved to Atlanta, GA, graduated from Kennesaw College and became a Registered Nurse. For several years she worked as a labor/delivery/postpartum and nursery nurse at an in-hospital Birthing Center in Douglasville, GA. Over the years she has continued to work as an RN and doula, providing healthcare to families during the entire childbearing cycle.

Lisa also has extensive experience studying, practicing, and teaching many methods of natural food preparation as well as nutrition. Working in a thriving natural health clinic, Lisa has been employing and studying the fields of herbal medicine and natural healthcare as well as food medicine.
In 2007, Lisa became certified in Firstline Therapy, a therapeutic lifestyle program designed to promote and restore health, prevent degenerative disease and foster healthy aging.

Lisa is married to Paul Olko and is mother to three grown children.

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